Daugava Russian Blues

A Toronto-based Cattery

About Us

We are based in Toronto since 2010. We have two breeding males named Le Bron and A Million Stars in house, and 3-4 breeding females. Our first cat, Bukva, came to us from Latvia. She has retired from breeding and lives happily in her forever home. Her daughter, Pickle, has also retired but her granddaughter is still with us today.

Two of our top American Russian Blue females are Midnight Snow and Natalia. Russian Blues are affectionate towards their kittens and their human friends. We always strive to make sure our cats and kittens are happy and in the best of health.

About The Breed

Russian Blues are an affectionate, calm breed. They love cuddling with people and are very intelligent cats. Some of our kittens have learned to fetch, walk on a leash, sit, lay down, and even shake paw! They breed is very beautiful with big green eyes and lovely silver fur.

Our Russian Blues from the Latvia lineage are much the same but darker, with a more powerful facial structure comapred to the delicate looks of the American Russian Blues. You can see the difference in the thumbnail with the American Russian Blue Pikachu (the cat on the left) and Latvian lineage Pickle. Both have now retired.

Lativan Russian Blue kittens are a little more active - perfect for a family home or someone who wants a playful, rambunctious cat. The American Russian Blues are more calm, and are a good choice for someone wanting a single, quiet cat for companionship.


Contact us for the most recent information about litters. We usually expect four litters a year, and you can sign up for a waitlist. The kittens are sold at 4 months with all their shots, and recently we have introduced an option to buy the kittens already neutered. Before taking the kitten home, we require you to sign a kitten contract stating the cat will be neutered/spayed and kept indoors. We do not allow declawing in the contract.

We do our best to make sure every cat is in the best of health and suited to the home it is going to, but you are able to return the kitten to us for a full refund within one week. Contact us with any questions or concerns!